D-FW on DVR: BRT, GCB, Texas Women and American Idol ... The Estrogen Overfloweth

'Big Rich Texas The ick levels continue to rise as Pageant Maven Mom (I just call them whatever the hell I want) learns that her live-in god-daughter might be preggers with her live-in son's baby. Yeah. They grew up together with at least a casual family vibe, and now they've begun knocking the houseshoes. The pregnancy turns out to be a false alarm -- just more delicious fodder for the country club. Didn't stop us from naming a possible spin-off show in our minds: Big, Rich and Knocked Up. Next fall on Style! In other BRT storylines, Bonnie and Whitney quibble over plastic surgery, Pam continues to staunchly defend her position within the very important Fashionistas group and Connie threatens her own rep with said group by storming out of an event. Don't fuck with her boutique business, or the claws come out. Apparently.

American Idol Poor, sweet Pride-of-McKinney Hollie Cavanagh. Such a tiny little guhl (half-British for "girl") with a humongoid diva voice. It's too bad the judges have resigned to the theory that she probably can't outpace several of the others in the race to the increasingly irrelevant Idol title. I thought her performance last night was her best yet -- an honest, surprisingly confident rendering of P!nk's "F'n Perfect" that fit Hollie's storyline so far to a T. Randy kind of agreed with me, making more sense than he's made in weeks. But Steven, with his pursed lips of disappointment (and boy, can he purse), dismissed her delivery and totally missed the song's meaning. He's usually on-point with his musical feedback, but he gave us the biggest eye-roll of the show with his pat comment, "But you look good, girl." Almost as rote as, "You really made it your own" ... ahem ... (cough)J. Lo ...

GCB We got a double shot of the oft-cartoonish ABC comedy on Easter. That could mean something bad -- that the network is trying to burn off episodes - or something good -- that it's damn proud of the wink-worthy Texas-savvy dialogue. Seriously, the writing on this show continues to improve in subtle ways, from a spot-on crack about Texas-OU weekend to effective spoofs of humorless abstinence programs and evangelical "haunted" houses. Not that I give two shits about the actual plot of the show. Which means the one-liners are keeping these bitches afloat.

Texas Women Have to say I actually adore this CMT docu-series about a gaggle of Fort Worth country girls. Their accents are real, they practice roping and rodeo for fun, and they say unpleasant shit to each other's faces instead of in cutaway interviews. Oh, and the Westernwear-adorned hubbies and boyfriends seem utterly confused by camera crews consistently invading their livestock-rich lots. For once, a "Texas" reality show gets it right. Officially added to DVR slate ...

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