Da Bombay!

With Wilonsky being the movie guy here, the rest of us cinemaniacs just stand in his shadow. I'm not even sure who the other movie buffs are, but '’m going to go ahead and stake my claim as the second go-to (yet unofficial) movie guy around here. I might be completely wrong, but I'll bet my 700+ DVD collection on it and throw in my Scene It DVD game. Now, no one really comes to me for movie info, (and honestly, all of a sudden I feel geeky and insecure about admitting the number in my collection), but I'm one daft film nerd who simply has better relationships with Norma Desmond and Forrest Gump than actual people! OK, so the little I know about Indian cinema disproves my overconfident encyclopedic self. Well, thanks be to Vishnu for Southern Methodist University's Festival of Indian Cinema, as my film self is about to get a little more buff. Running the gamut from Bollywood (Dil Chahta Hai [Do Your Thing]) to Hindi indie (Mr. & Mrs. Iyer), this four-day festival introduces a film each day by acclaimed Indian directors. Afterward, there just might be another official movie guy around this office. That is, if anyone asks. The festival runs Thursday through Sunday in McCord Auditorium, 3225 University Blvd. Admission is free. For additional film and showtime information call 214-768-3497 or visit http://people.smu.edu/iff .
March 23-26
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Rich Lopez