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Dallas' 20 Best Halloween Events And Parties, October 25 to 31, 2012

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Saturday 10.27

Lee Harvey's Halloween Party -- It's the annual pagan freak-out! Harvey's has you covered for live music (Replicant and Torpedoes), crazy projections and the annual Halloween Costume Contest. Half of you are going to wind up here on Saturday night because this place knows how to throw a major rager. The other half of you will come out on Sunday for the dog Halloween costume contest. You'll lose that one, since my dog will be Rocky and I'll be Burgess Meredith.

The Old Monk's Halloween Bash - Saturday is the big night to party at the Monk, with prizes going to everything from best costume, to scariest, and crowd favorite. (What's that? You're going to do a Thriller flash mob? Fine, there's a best group category too.) The DJ gets things spinning at 9 p.m. but you can go to the Monk during less busy hours up until Halloween and carve your jack-o-lantern. Ten bucks gets you supplies, a pint, a spot to carve with your friends and a donation to the North Texas Food Bank, which Monk matches. (Carving hours are Mondays through Thursdays, from 3 p.m. to close, and Fridays through Sundays from open to 9 p.m.)

Giant Street Party in Cedar Springs - The 3900 block of Cedar Springs is bringing costume realness on Saturday night with a massive bash. You'll see folks in far better outfits than you'll ever put together, seven service booths for food and drinks, a DJ and Rose Room performers in the back lot.

Ships - Don't you dare write off this little gem of a bar. If you look closely at the walls of Ships, you'll see they're lined with photos of Halloweens past. Look even closer (close one eye if you gotta, you drunk) and you'll see that the folks in the pictures are having the time of their lives. Of course they are: they brought their own alcohol and paid $2.50 for set ups. I don't know if there's a costume contest, but with a few bucks and the Ships jukebox, everyone's already a winner. Cash only.

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