Dallas Native Edison Grant Stars on Hulu’s Newest Series, Endlings

Dallas actor Edison Grant stars in the futuristic series Endlings.EXPAND
Dallas actor Edison Grant stars in the futuristic series Endlings.
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Environmental conservation has become a nationwide hot button issue, and Hulu’s newest family series aims to bring to light the issue in a way that younger generations can understand. Endlings takes place 20 years in the future and tells the story of four teenagers in foster care who come together to save the last of dying breeds in nature.

“An ‘endling’ is the last of its kind,” says actor Edison Grant, who plays Johnny in the series. “The alien league has been going from planet to planet to capture the last species on each planet. The group of friends wants to preserve the species and make sure they survive.”

Grant is a Dallas native. He has been acting since he was 10 and has appeared in commercials for Pizza Hut, Hexbug and Reliant. He also appeared in a 2018 short film called Forget Me Not, which won Best Short Film Drama in the North Hollywood Cinefest. Grant says Johnny is his biggest role to date.

“What I’ve enjoyed most about playing this role is learning Johnny’s backstory,” Grant says. “Having to process all of those emotions and having to deal with that and still being the cool big brother and having to show that vulnerability.”

When Endlings premieres on Hulu this Friday, Jan. 17, Grant hopes the show will help younger generations understand why conservation is important.

“To compare it to today’s world, animals are slowly starting to go extinct,” Grant says. “We’re trying to send the message that these animals need to be protected and cherished.”

Endlings was created by Emmy Award winner J.J. Johnson, who Grant has enjoyed working with. The show is in production for season 2, and Grant says the cast and crew have become like family to him.

“J.J. is a really great guy,” Grant says. “He loves what he does and he does it really well. When you have a group of people with the same goals and doing the best they can, it will always be a great time.”

Grant hopes the message will resonate with viewers both young and old.

Endlings has really good message behind it, and it’s written in a way that younger people can understand the overall message,” Grant says. “In the next generation, there are going to be people picking up where the older generation left off. Being able to make sure that the Earth is in great health is one of the most important things that the next generation can take care of.”

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