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Dallas ART: 21 Screenings: Meet People. Learn Something. Eat Popcorn.

Watch Trailer: Season 6, Art in the Twenty-First Century on PBS. See more from ART:21.

Get excited, nerds! Two local galleries are showing this season's selections from the Peabody award-winning series ART: 21, and they're doing them in group settings. The popular PBS program picks three to four artists or collectives whose work fits into the show's overarching theme and digs deep into their intentions. What's that? You wrote Tuttle's string segment off as "lazy?" One well-placed ART:21 whack to the brain is probably all it would take to turn your soul around.


This Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. you can commune with your fellow public broadcasting brethren at Circuit 12 Contemporary, that great new space in the Dragon Street District that offered "Dream Continuum" a few weeks ago. (It's still running, so check it out during DADA's gallery walk this Saturday if you're unable to make tomorrow night's viewing party. Personally, I liked the neon sign.) The Circuit crew is providing beer, wine and popcorn to those who RSVP to [email protected] (Space is limited, besides: an RSVP is simply good manners.). They'll show "Episode 2: Boundaries."

Want to catch ART: 21 but live in the Deep Ellum area, missed the season's opener, or just already booked your Friday with more debauchery? Catch it on Monday, April 23, over at another local favorite space, Kirk Hopper Fine Art. That screening will be from "Episode 1: Change" and features a discussion with Joan Davidow, of Art & Seek and SMU fame. Also free, this gathering begins at 7 p.m.

* If you prefer dusty books and solitude to human interaction, UNT's submarine-styled art library carries the hard copy of the series' past seasons. You can while whole afternoons away down there, seductively flipping through pages of Art in the Twenty-First Century without exchanging so much as eye contact. But there's no popcorn.

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