Dallas Breaks World Record for Most Pies Thrown, Now With Glorious Video Evidence

Video by Catherine Downes

Yesterday evening, something amazing happened. The American Airlines Center plaza was briefly renamed The Battle Zone. Entry to its sloppy inner sanctum was not offered to every eager warrior: official battle tools were required. Hundreds of pie-enthusiasts waited in line to receive the items: A plastic poncho, goggles, and a participation number secured with tiny safety pins. Once acquired, the legion united through a common enemy: the existing world record for most shaving cream pies thrown in one minute.

The title was cherished by rivals at Drake University in Iowa, who held an honorable event last year resulting in the launch of 684 crustless concoctions. But Dallas, it seems, is even more passionate when it comes to competitive slapstick. The record was toppled, thanks to 714 participants.

They filed in by the hundreds, waited hours in line and donned ponchos in the 102 degree heat -- turning otherwise normal citizens into human drycleaning. And when the moment finally happened, it was glorious. That my friends, my neighbors, was your 60 brilliant seconds of victory. And when you exited, saturated with hand-whipped soap, you were each offered ONE moist towelette, and one last laugh.

Here are some of our favorite photo memories from the event.

Can't get enough of all that clownin'? See the entire slideshow here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.