Dallas City Council Judas-es the Arts District

From the no-surprise department, Dallas City Council voted unanimously yesterday to grant a developer special exceptions to a "No Commercial Signs" rule in the Arts District for a proposed high-rise development on Ross Avenue. Arguing that it was a matter of cultural development, and that the economic benefits for the Arts District will surpass the aesthetic compromise, the developer, Craig Hall, has been afforded the ability to place tenant names at the top of the building, effectively pimping out the Dallas' single cultural oasis like a gauche, glammed-up Vegas stripper.

Look, we get that money talks. And we understand too that, without gracious affluent donors from Dallas' well-established business culture, new artistic development would necessarily meet an untimely standstill. The correlation is utterly, unarguably clear. But, historically known as a materialistic, consumer-driven city-sans-culture, Dallas is finally beginning to flourish as an unique and interesting place to live, with a burgeoning sense of identity and reputation outside of 1980s oil boom soap operas and (formerly) dastardly pay-for-play football teams. City Council's mercenary decision threatens to tarnish "sacred" ground -- the lush 68 acres that harbor Dallas' heart and soul.

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