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Dallas Comedy House Gives You a Chance to Create a Positive Prom Memory This Weekend

Chances are that your high school prom was so full of sadness and regret that it still comes up in dreams brought on by alcoholic blackouts and crying therapy sessions that can drive up the stock price for Kleenex.

The Dallas Comedy House offers a chance to replace that memory with a more emotionally constructive one by throwing their own high school prom at their Deep Ellum comedy club on Commerce Street this Saturday.

Ticket holders are encouraged to dress for a real formal prom evening that includes two live and improvised comedy shows by LYLAS: Girl on Girl Comedy and the male version called LYLAB. The club will be magically transformed into your high school gym complete with streamers and live, slow dance music. They've even picked the perfect theme for a comedy prom, "Enchantment Under the Sea," and we feel very sorry for you if you don't know why that's perfect.

DCH founder Amanda Austin credits LYLAS with coming up with the idea for a prom night.

"I thought it sounded fun and told them to go for it," Austin says. "We decided to make it a show and prom combo, so the show includes the guys from LYLAB as well as the girls from LYLAS. There's even a prom court and the crowd will vote for a prom queen and king. It's all ridiculous in the most fun way possible."

Of course, the hope is that this will become a traditional show for the club that has already carved out events like an annual comedy festival on its schedule.

"If all goes well, then there's no reason why our school can't have a prom every year, just like every other school," Austin said. "Also, adult comedians at a prom is way more fun than kids."

Tickets are $8, but the memories are priceless.

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