Dallas: Curable Through Creativity?

Dallas Design Week snuck through town under the shadow of the Dallas Art Fair and the Dallas International Film Festival, so many were unaware of all that occurred. In addition to a passionate uniting of Dallas’ most design-driven industry members there was a nested event called Good Ideas for Cities. Those who are familiar with Good Magazine know it as the go-to website for uplifting stories with market-ready art, so it’s no surprise that its think tank project aims to solve the issues of each city it visits. Here’s how it transpired: During Design Week, groups of our most creative local problem-solvers formed committees. They met with Dallas officials who identified situations in need of mending (i.e., a vast but underrepresented series of hike and bike trails, stable neighborhoods with too many vacant lots, how to pry the car keys out of our vice-clamp grips, etc). Those committees have been tossing around ideas for the last six weeks, and tonight they will make a presentation. Moderated by Good Magazine’s Alissa Walker, the free event takes place at the Inwood Theater at 7 p.m. (doors are at 6 p.m.) Wednesday. For free tickets visit goodideasforcities.eventbrite.com.
Wed., June 6, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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