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Dallas Galleria Fashion Camp Gives Teens A Break On Deadline

If you think your kid is talented enough to be the next Michael Kors or has the balls to be Anna Wintour one day, it's high time to invest in that kid's future so you'll be spending your golden years in a fancy condo rather than a crappy retirement home. Send that talented offspring of yours to the Galleria's Fashion Camp, a weeklong workshop in the summer that prepares talented teenagers for careers in the fashion industry. Of course your dream of having a Hollywood kid isn't enough to nag your kid a spot, but now you've got a little extra time to nag the forgetful teen with a passion for fashion about applying for Fashion Camp.

Applications were originally due yesterday, but event organizers decided to extend the deadline to May 30 as many schools will be in session until the end of the month (thanks Snowmaggedon!). This year, organizers are offering 60 spots to aspiring fashion designers who will be high school sophomores, juniors or seniors or college freshman in the upcoming 2011 school year.

Teens will spend the week listening to lectures from industry bigwigs like designers and models, and they'll also learn how to style models and spot the next big trend. (Sidenote for the kids: Please put an end to the stirrup pants, once and for all.) The camp culminates with the Back-to-School Fashion Show, which campers will organize and host at the Galleria. They'll have the opportunity to plan and execute a real runway show, and they'll show their true talents when they style their own models for the event. It's like Project Runway, but without Lexus product placement and Tim Gunn to advise your kid to "make it work."

The camp runs from August 8 to 13, and finalists will be notified via email if no later than June 3. The Galleria Fashion Camp costs $199 a camper. Just remember, that's almost like pennies compared to how much your future designer will make when that clothing line launches at Neiman Marcus. For more information, visit or click here to download an application.

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Elizabeth Bair
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