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Dallas Has a Convention Dedicated to Supernatural. We Hope Some Fans Miss It.

Fandom is a weird beast. It can make otherwise sane individuals do things that not even a lifetime of drinking will erase from memory.

Some extreme fans of Supernatural seem to fit into that category. For those of you who aren't in the know, it's a show on The CW about two hunky paranormal explorers named Dean and Sam Winchester played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. They roam the landscape, solving mysteries, confronting various otherworldly nasties.

If you're one of those people who feel all tingly just watching a rerun of Supernatural, you'll probably explode when you learn that a special Supernatural fan convention is coming to town in September featuring special appearances from the stars and all sorts of other events to help get the geek out of your system.

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural will land at the West Park Central Hotel on Friday, September 19 and run through Sunday, September 21. The weekend gathering for Supernatural fans (do they have a special name yet like "Winchies" or "Supernatties" or something?) features special appearances and Q&As with the show's principal cast and special guests, live performances by the Elastic Waste Band and Louden Swain and an '80s themed karaoke night. The weekend also features special contests with big cash prizes including a Supernatural cosplay showdown and a music video contest that incorporates the show's themes and characters.

We noticed, however, that there didn't seem to be an onslaught of lectures like other fan conventions about how to craft your own similar stories or fan fiction. Maybe that's because just a little bit of digging will send you into an already existing world of Supernatural fan-fic. You'll come across a disturbing form of fan fiction that sticks to your brain so hard that it wouldn't come off if you scrubbed it off with a bar of Lava soap. It's called (I swear to God we didn't make this term up) "Wincest."

We came across one of the most popular online libraries on the subject called Sinful Desire and it's probably the most hilarious/terrifying thing we'll witness short of a Requiem for a Dream screening accompanied by a sunshine acid chaser. Here's a sample from a two-part story called A Season in Hell...

"Dean gets a washcloth and wets it with cold water from the sink, then he gently washes Sam's face with it, wipes the sweat from his brow. Dean mops at the sheen of sweat along Sam's hairline where small curls paste themselves to his skin. Sam closes his eyes and tries not to think, only to feel -- the sensation of the wet terrycloth cooling his fever-hot forehead and cheeks, and stroking over the translucent bruise-colored purple of his closed eyelids. Dean runs the cold tap and wets the washcloth again, wrings it out, then moves the blessedly-cool fabric back over Sam's face. He dabs at the corners of Sam's mouth, and Sam feels Dean's fingers brush his skin as he holds Sam's hair back in one hand and then strokes the washcloth over the nape of his neck."

Scenes like this make us very thankful that there wasn't such a thing as the Internet when The Dukes of Hazzard was on the air.

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