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Charmed: Local Jewelers’ Holistic Business Starts with Love

Terina Smith, Darian Parks and the missing link, Aoni.
Terina Smith, Darian Parks and the missing link, Aoni. Ryann Gordon

Darian Parks and Terina Smith met in 2017 when they both arrived at the Green Elephant to sell jewelry as vendors for different companies. What began as a friendly business competition would soon become a first meeting straight out of a romantic comedy. When there was only one vendor spot left, the two decided without hesitation to share the last remaining spot, and sparks began to fly. They talked about life and their mutual love of crystals, and openly admired each others’ work.

“My reflection,” Parks says of Smith, “traded me a crystal pendant she had wrapped for a purple beaded bracelet I’d made. With the pendant, I beaded a necklace. It was our first collaboration.”

After connecting through social media, the two became enchanted with one another instantly, calling their chance encounter something more of a divine nature. They spent their first date creating jewelry together outdoors, something they continue to this day, bonding over their common love of crystals and the spiritual properties of gems. A feeling of “meeting oneself” carried their relationship over time, and continues to penetrate their relationship, making it hard for them to part each other's company, even years later.

“Our focus has always been creating,” Parks says, reflecting on his time with Smith. And create they did, or rather procreate, as they now have a child, Aoni.

As life and business partners, the couple's dreams of turning their love of crystals into a shared business became reality with two successful jewelry companies, Alanze Jewels and Organic Mansion. The couple also provides classes to teach others to find their inner spirituality through their company, Elevate Your Inner G. This last endeavor began to trickle into their lives following Smith’s pregnancy, when she quit her job to fully dedicate herself to raising their daughter and keeping in line with the practice that brought "their reflections" together. As she says, “Doing what we love feels better vibrationally.”

Smith became increasingly focused on holistic health in an effort to combat anxiety in 2014. That’s when she came across a healing technique centered on the idea that we can heal our bodies with touch through the transfer of universal energy.

“I started learning about energy and how everything has energy and is vibrating, so I started doing research and began working with reiki first,” she says. “It’s everything I had been searching for, as far as ways that you can heal yourself holistically. Then everything started coming together.”

“We love to touch people and connect. We love people so much. There’s been so many times we’ve met people and have that natural connection and are like, ‘We have the perfect crystal for you.’ ” — Terina Smith

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And as the couple's relationship began to bloom, so did Smith’s understanding of the reiki practice which, partnered with Parks’ knowledge of gems, uplifted the couple to a position where they felt they could help others with double the spirit. They now share their healing practices, as well as crystal clearing classes, at events including DFW Free Day of Yoga, Oak Cliff Lively Fest and every Saturday at Recipe Oak Cliff. This spring they will be facilitating crystal-guided meditation sessions in the Oak Cliff community as well.

“What I do as a reiki practitioner is balance your chakras,” Smith explains of the practice. “Intuitively I can feel if my hands are cool or if they’re hot, then I need to pay more attention to that chakra. Maybe you need more energy there or need to release. … It’s all about bringing that energy where it’s needed.”

Aside from Smith’s reiki expertise, Parks was previously a door-to-door salesman after moving to Dallas from Arkansas with nothing, he says. There’s no denying the organic nature of his sales tactics, as you can see him any given night of the week, posted up or walking to and through bars to sell his bracelets, necklaces and rings. This he credits to his love of the art, saying he’s “found nothing more satisfying or financially rewarding than selling jewelry,” because it was something he believed in.

Both Parks and Smith have grown in their love for one another and the world around through their craft.

“It’s an opportunity to get close to people,” Smith says. “We love to touch people and connect. We love people so much. There’s been so many times we’ve met people and have that natural connection and are like, ‘We have the perfect crystal for you.’”
click to enlarge Jewelry by the charmed couple, who own Alanze Jewels. - RYANN GORDON
Jewelry by the charmed couple, who own Alanze Jewels.
Ryann Gordon
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