This sign appeared on Toys R Us' doors last week. Hmmm.EXPAND
This sign appeared on Toys R Us' doors last week. Hmmm.
Brad LaCour

Toys R Us Kids Can Apply To Become Main Event Adults

As the last G.I. Joe is deployed to a child’s bedroom and the hungriest of hippos eat their final meal, the doors of Toys R Us will soon close for good. With the closures imminent, the employees of the DFW toy store locations will be forced to find new jobs in a shrinking retail market. Main Event, the family entertainment center, wants to help.

Main Event is opening its doors to the soon-to-be unemployed Toys R Us staff with potential job offers, serving as a lifeboat for the last loyal employees who stayed with the sinking ship. Dallas-based Main Event will host a job fair 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day through Friday.

Toys R Us and Babies R Us staff interested in the opportunity can go to any DFW Main Event during these times to interview for positions and learn more about the company. Each applicant who completes an interview will receive a FUNcard. So even if you lose your first job and don’t get the new job, you have a gift card that can be used on Main Event food, games and activities.

Toys R Us employees have known for a couple of months that their toy-selling days were numbered.

The first Toys R Us store opened in 1957 and expanded to more than a thousand locations worldwide. The company was long considered the destination spot to buy toys but struggled to retain a profitable share of sales with the increased presence of online retailers such as Amazon and competitive pricing from other big-box locations like Target and Walmart. A disappointing holiday sales quarter finally led Toys R Us to announce its plans March 15 to close all U.S. and Puerto Rico locations.

Rhonda Merchant, director of talent acquisition for Main Event Entertainment, feels there might be a silver lining to Toys R Us closing.

“Main Event’s vision and talent strategies align with that of Toys R Us — to create uniquely fun experiences for our guests by exceeding expectations, embracing teamwork and having fun,” Merchant said in a news release. “With the recent closures of Toys R Us and Babies R Us, we saw an opportunity to turn a challenging situation into something positive for the retail brand’s talented employees.”

Founded in 1998, Main Event Entertainment has established locations across the U.S. Designed as a family entertainment destination, Main Event specializes in hosting parties with bowling, laser tag and arcade games. While the business of selling toys for cash might be dying, the business of exchanging toys for thousands of tickets is still alive and well.

The DFW Main Event locations will hire for a variety of positions, ranging from servers and party hosts to operations managers and sales managers

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