One Dallas Millionaire Has an Answer to the Suppression of Women's Rights: a Date With Him

One millionaire and business owner is giving back to women this Valentine's Day. With a date with him.
One millionaire and business owner is giving back to women this Valentine's Day. With a date with him. screenshot from John Dixon III's Facebook

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy you 50 Valentine's dates, which might be the same thing.

John Dixon III, self-professed millionaire and founder of Dallas-based Business Society, wanted to do something nice for women, so he posted a Facebook status inviting 20 women to a nice date for Valentine's Day. No catch, no hook — just a night for the women to enjoy themselves. He swears it won't be an attempt to get with any of the women.

"Just a night for women to hang around some other cool women," Dixon says. "It's not for me at all. It's a way to give back."

"Everybody is strictly service-based." – John Dixon III

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There was an overwhelming response, with more than 200 women wanting to take him up on the offer. So Dixon upped it to 50 women. He'll decide on his guests by picking names out of a hat and will send them direct messages.

"A big part of what's been taking place in our country for a long time," Dixon says, "is a suppression of women's rights and women's ability to be free thinkers and be successful and not have to feel like there's a sexual connotation for the reason guys would do things for them, whether it be through business, charitable effort."

He says he often has given back to women in his career, helping single mothers start businesses and more. A quick stroll through his Facebook displays several posts about his dedication to empowering women — and a quick brag about all the women he employs.

Wednesday night will most likely be another bragging point. It will include transportation, dinner, live entertainment and a fun activity. A private chef will cook dinner for the women at Dixon's downtown clothing store, Guns and Roses Boutique. And while he's still deciding on the after-dinner activity, he says it's won't be up to just him to entertain all 50 women. He's enlisted other likeminded men to help host.

"Everybody is strictly service-based," he says of the other hosts. "Here's the thing. I don't want it to come off as I'm a shyster trying to date 50 women. No, not at all. And I make sure the guys who are participating understand it's just of service to the women for the night. There is to be no interaction where you're trying to get a woman's number or continue conversation post."
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