Dallas Neighbors Go Viral With Political Rivalry

Imagine the awkward run-ins. The rivalry among two Dallas neighbors went viral.EXPAND
Imagine the awkward run-ins. The rivalry among two Dallas neighbors went viral.
Audrey Peña

Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words. The best words. The bigliest words. The yugest.

A photo of side-by-side homes in East Dallas’ Lower Greenville neighborhood went viral last week for its display of political rivalry. One of the adjoining duplexes has banners supporting the Trump campaign, and the other has signs supporting Joe Biden.

And their support is not subtle. Both neighbors have an abundance of giant banners covering their balconies. The contrast in the neighbors' fervor for both candidates is so comical that the spot has become a go-to destination for a photo op.

The rivalry among the houses appeals to the curiosity of passersby as one can’t help but imagine how tense the neighbors’ run-ins are when they step outside their homes to fetch the paper, or how awkward their morning greetings must be.

But mostly, the scene sums up the political climate ahead of the upcoming presidential election and the divide among communities and families — often within the same household.

Dallas DJ Scottie Canfield frequently comes across the houses in his weekly runs. He occasionally stops to take a photo to update those following the saga of the dueling households through his posts.

The DJ has been documenting the growing rivalry of his neighbors from the beginning, posting the gradual increase in signs that, in a few short months, went from curious to absurd.

Canfield has suggested the “feud” is possibly staged. He noted in one recent post, titled “Escalation, Part 6,” that one neighbor had parked his Trump-sticker-toting truck in front of the garage corresponding to the pro-Biden side, which was either a dirty move or a showing that this was a friendly rivalry as the vehicle hadn’t been towed.

Perhaps one explanation is that one single person owns both properties and wants to entertain the neighbors or make an elaborate display of political commentary. The neighbors’ (or neighbor’s) identity is unknown.

At least one of the residents on Anita Street is using the extra attention on his or her property to promote a business, by displaying an even larger banner for a company called The Protein Supply.

Photos of the properties are flooding the internet. On Friday, the duplexes were featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, after a CNN reporter posted a photo of the property to Twitter. 

“Even crazier, there’s an undecided voter living in the chimney,” Fallon quipped.

The photo has also received thousands of comments on Reddit.

Audrey Peña, an engagement manager for a liquor supplier, says the houses have become a hot topic in the neighborhood.

She says she often wonders if the residents are friends, and whether they have any immigrant friends.

"I’m just really curious about the people who live there, honestly," Peña says. "Everyone knows the house any time you’re anywhere on Greenville hanging out. It’s the new 'small talk' convo. It usually starts with 'Hey, have you seen the house?' and discussion follows."

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