A story about David Thibodeau, a Waco siege survivor, was our most-read story.
A story about David Thibodeau, a Waco siege survivor, was our most-read story.
Ursula Coyote

10 Most Read Observer Arts Stories of 2018

It was a great year for the arts in Dallas. Well, actually, if you look at the numbers, it was a great year for TV about Dallas. Yeah, stories about art gallery openings and operas didn't rake in the big numbers, but TV (and bud sex) did! Yay for art and culture!

Here are our most-read arts stories of 2018.

Waco Siege Survivor Behind New Miniseries Tells Us What TV Has Gotten Wrong

From Big Brother Star to Internet Influencer, Elena Davies Builds Her Brand

Longtime Gas Monkey Mechanic Aaron Kaufman Will Destroy Cars on Shifting Gears

You Think It's Just a Game? 15 of eSports' Most Popular Video Games.

What's Been Happening on Married At First Sight in Dallas? Glad You Asked

Denton Tattoo Artist Deanna Smith Doesn't Agree With Ink Master's Search for Perfection

Stormy Daniels' Revealing Performance at Bucks Wild Transports Us to an Alternate Dimension

Are Straight-Identifying Men in North Texas Meeting Up for 'Bud Sex'?

Dallas Women Cheat Because 'They Got a Little Bit More Backbone,' Ashley Madison President Says

Dr. Death is One of the Biggest Podcasts to Come Out of Dallas. It's Also Terrifying.

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