Dallas' Own JoJo Fletcher Named Next Bachelorette

On Monday night, America watched Dallas native JoJo Fletcher get dumped by the love of her life, her best friend, the man of her dreams.

BUT THAT’S OK BECAUSE NOW SHE’S THE NEW BACHELORETTE. Yes, Dallas’ own sweet Fletcher went on The Bachelor to find love and happiness with Perfect Ten Ben Higgins and all she got were a few helicopter rides and an “I love someone else more.”

But that’s OK because every thorn has its rose, as the saying goes. On the After the Final Rose special, Fletcher faced the man who broke her heart and told him she would always have a place for him there. All of America could tell she and her middle part were lying.

And we were right, because 10 seconds later, host Chris Harrison named her the next Bachelorette. Soon she will have a place in her heart for 25 other men and Perfect Ben will be a distant, drunk memory.

Fletcher as the next Bachelorette is exciting for several reasons. Mainly, we can’t wait to see her mom again — you know the mom who hates her life and drinks Champagne straight from the bottle. And then there are her brothers, who thought Perfect Ben was more Imperfect Ben and told him straight to his face that he was brainwashing all the women. If her family wasn’t enough, then there’s the fact that we might finally, hopefully, possibly see our great city of Dallas featured on the small screen, because we got totally shorted last time. We want makeout time on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge! We want drinking in Deep Ellum! We want a ride on the mechanical bull at Trophy Room! But mostly, we want Fletcher to find love. Or happiness. Or TV fame. OK, just something. Good luck, Fletcher. You know we’ll be watching.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.