Dallas' Tinder Matches Increase 38 Percent During Thanksgiving, So Start Swiping For Cuffing Season

Man, cuffing season is already here. And while you don't know what the hell that means, everyone around you seems to. Here's the down low for you: It's the time of the year where it's cold outside so then you stay inside a lot and then you get lonely because there's only so much fun to be had with one half of Netflix and chill. So then you start swiping through Tinder looking for someone to "chill" with.

There is good news, however — good news for those looking to make this cuffing season the best cuffing season. Tinder matches go up in Dallas during the Thanksgiving weekend. So if you’re single and stuck in Dallas for Thanksgiving, use that to your advantage. Swipe left and right on Tinder until your fingers bleed because there's a higher chance you will match with some bearded hipster this holiday.

According to Tinder, an app-based dating service where you swipe left (You don’t like them) or right (You think they’re hot!) on potential mates’ profiles, Dallas has a 38 percent increase in matches during the Thanksgiving holiday. That means that while maybe you aren’t super lucky in the Tinder matching department usually, Thanksgiving might be your time to shine. It could be everyone’s turkey hangovers? It could be people's desire to hook up with someone who isn't their cousin? Maybe everyone in Dallas is just super bummed out this time of year because of JFK's assassination so they self-medicate with Tinder? Who needs reasons? Just start swiping!

These statistics are based on last year’s Thanksgiving holiday, Nov. 25 through Nov. 29. While Dallas didn't make the top 10 list of cities with the most matches during the  holiday, it does rank fourth in top 10 cities with increased percentage of matches. Detroit, Houston and Washington, D.C. make up the top three, respectively. We don’t know what Houston (43 percent) has that we don’t, but rest assured, we’re pissed about it.

Get to swiping, you turkeys.
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