David Feherty Has a TV Pilot in Which Real Snipers Shoot His Golf Balls Out of the Air

Non-golfers may not know much about David Feherty, but he's worth 30 seconds of your allotted daily Google time. A former tour pro (and Dallas resident), he is now easily golf's best television analyst, calling the game with honesty and wit and humanity that's hard to find in any sport. He also speaks openly about his battle with depression and alcoholism, is a noted gun enthusiast and was friends with American Sniper author Chris Kyle.

Feherty revealed that last snippet this morning on 1310 AM The Ticket. He was in studio promoting the season premiere of his excellent Golf TV show, Feherty, which features long-form interviews with guests ranging from golfers you've never heard of the former president Bill Clinton. But Feherty also promoted another show he hopes to get on the air: Sniper Golf.

Sniper Golf features Feherty trying to make par on a hole while actual marksmen, hidden somewhere off the fairway, try to shoot his golf balls out of the sky. High-speed cameras capture the presumably hellacious damage the bullets do to Feherty's balls and his par chances. (Feherty didn't say whether Kyle was involved in the pilot, which filmed in the fall.)

It doesn't sound like quite enough to carry a show, but there will be more fun and seemingly dangerous games, including attempts to remove a golf ball from a sand trap using a .50 caliber rifle. (Bullet hits sand, sand carries ball. They call it a "blast shot" in golf, so this seems doable enough.)

Feherty also didn't say at which course he filmed this pilot, or where subsequent episodes would shoot if his show gets picked up. But if you happen to live near a golf course and fear catching a stray bullet when Feherty decides to chip with the butt of his AR-10, worry not: "We clear the area," he said.

Probably a sound idea.

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