David Lowery's Double Dog Dare: Live in a Movie Theater for a Weekend, Get a Prize

David Lowery's newest, Ain't Them Bodies Saints, opens in wide-release today, and naturally he'd like you to see it. As luck would have it, three of his filmmaking buddies also have big releases dropping. Since promoting just his own would be very Un-Lowery of him, he's designed a challenge, complete with a personalized reward. He's calling it the #ATBSquadruplefeature. We're calling it the ultimate movie-going dare.

From Lowery's blog:

As a fan of great films, it is also my duty to note that there is an alarming number of great movies opening in theaters this weekend. For starters, we have the debut of Destin Daniel Creton's overwhelmingly effecting Short Term 12, which broke my heart and sewed it back up at SXSW last March. Drinking Buddies, Joe Swanberg's smart and incisive comedy of manners, opens theatrically after a successful online debut last month. And lastly, Adam Wingard's phenomenally entertaining and almost impossibly satisfying You're Next finally hits the big screen. There are other great movies, like The World's End, but I want to focus on these three because - well, because my friends made them. And because I love them.

Lowery says anyone who sees all four films during one, intensified weekend, between now and September 29, will get a customized reward. To prove you've completed the challenge, just tweet a photo of your ticket stubs to Lowery and then drop him an email.

Next, he'll lovingly place a gift pack of swag in the mail, addressed to you. You'll arrive at your postbox sometime after September 10 and find hand-illustrated excerpts from the Ain't Them Bodies Saints dossier on Bob Muldoon, the film's lead bandit; a hand-painted animal mask from You're Next; a furniture-preserving signed booze coaster from Drinking Buddies; and an autographed soundtrack from Short Term 12. All but the Ain't Them Bodies Saints gifts are tagged "while supplies last." Lowery assures supplies from his own film's treasure trunk "run pretty deep."

As these films release locally we'll update this post. Expect a guide to seeing all four in one, victorious weekend. Drinking Buddies and Short Term 12 hit local screens on September 6. Let's hope all four films will align without sending the planet into retrograde.

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