Dawson's Crossing

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"Sean Bateman was the most complex, most interesting character in the best unmade movie I'd ever read," Van Der Beek says. "He's basically an emotional vampire trying to find a soul. He's a predator, and he's not concerned about being a nice guy. He had this horrific upbringing, but at the same time what he wants most of all is to try to really feel emotion and to really fall in love and experience it, and he's petrified that he's not gonna be able to, and that makes him even angrier. But he's fighting for something great and kinda noble at the same time; he just doesn't go about it in the right way. As far as likability, none of that even enters into it. I certainly felt like I was being turned loose for the first time in Rules of Attraction, and there's kind of that thrill knowing that nobody's seen me do anything like this. This is gonna be a surprise."

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