Deep Ellum Logo Contest Has $1500 Prize; What Will You Submit?

Deep Ellum is doing a bit of branding, an understandable chore for a district in flux. The area's smack-dab in the middle of a growth spurt, and with the seedier element dipping into the background we're eagerly filing back to the bars, nightclubs and even patios that Deep Ellum kindly has kept warm for us.

In celebration of this homecoming the district is seeking a logo that matches the new, vibrant face of the region and it wants to pay you $1,500 to create it.

Co-sponsored by the Deep Ellum Community Association (DECA) and the Deep Ellum Foundation (DEF) this contest runs through Sunday, March 4, with two question and answer sessions being held tomorrow February 1 at Mokah Coffee Bar (2803 Taylor St.); one at 3 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m.

Get creative with it! Maybe a logo isn't what Deep Ellum needs; maybe what it really needs is something it can rally behind. Maybe it needs a mascot. We have a few suggestions and entry details right after the hop.

1.) Sam the Pickpocketing Sloth Getting mugged in Deep Ellum is something people are going to be able to brag about years from now, like pre-Giuliani New York. Sure, someone's fingers (or toes!) might still reach for your purse, but now it happens verrrry slowly. You'll have time to take a picture of Sam, upload it to your Facebook, tag your friends, blog about it and casually stroll away -- all before your funds get lifted! Sam's slogan "I'll get your wallet ... someday!"

2.) Marty the Hungry Meter Marty the Hungry Meter confuses coins for friendship. He's sad because no matter how many quarters you plunk in, his heart is still empty. There's a lesson in this, and if you figure out what it is, please tell me.

3.) Terry the Tickler!

Crime is down, laughter is up! While person-on-person crime decreases, tickling increases! Terry the Tickler just wants everyone to be happy, so he promises not to tickle creepily or to disturb you immediately prior to a yawn or sneeze. Terry knows right from wrong.

What other mascots can you come up with? We wanna hear 'em! Also, visit this site to see the contest posting and email here for more details.

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