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DIFF Guide for Friday, April 20: Our Must-See Picks

If you're still hanging on to that DIFF laminate after a week of intensive film screenings, we are so proud of you. Also, maybe take a shower and call a family member, because you probably smell like buttery popcorn substitute and those closest to you are concerned about your absence. That said, we have a whole day of picks lined up so that you are always sitting in the right theater at the right time. Let's get started!


4:15 (Angelika 7) Tonight You're Mine -- I know what you're thinking: "electropop and post-punk go together like gummy bears and sardines." This is true, but when two warring musicians from differing genres get handcuffed together at a music festival in Scotland and still have to perform, anything is possible. Unlike that time you caught a saxophone player pissing on your tent at Bonnaroo.

7:00 (Angelika 6) Liberal Arts -- If you missed it opening night, now is your chance. Josh Radner (How I Met Your Mother) writes, directs and stars in this rom dram about a 35 year-old fella who's revisiting his college campus. But there's nothing like returning to your academic roots to spur new interests; pottery class be damned, there's a cute Sophmore on the scene.

9:30 (Texas Theatre) Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker -- Lovers of CG animation and fantasy will find themselves in Oak Cliff, celebrating the cinematic release of this popular video game. or 10:15 (Angelika 7) I Wish -- This heart-warming Japanese feature is seen through the eyes of 12 year-old Koichi. Dealing with his parents' divorce and relocation, he finds hope in a new train line that unites the two cities. If he and his friends could just meet up at the center-point between the towns and make a wish on the tracks, surely everything would just go back to normal.

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Jamie Laughlin
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