DIFF Guide for Tuesday, April 17: Our Must-See Picks

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If you've been camping out in theaters for the last five days with your G Chat set to "unavailable", we salute you. Living la vida DIFF isn't for the faint of heart, or stomach for that matter. I'm curious: what's the largetst thing you've smuggled into a theater by now? Was it Pretzel M&Ms tiny or Chili's fajitas to-go big? Either way, keep playing it cool; nobody's on to you.

Here's our picks for Tuesday, April 17. Just click on the titles for more background.

1:30 (Angelika 7)


-- This one has all of the ingredients to be a generational feel-good sleeper: Competitive Scrabble, social anxiety and awkward romance.

4:15 (Angelika 7) Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel -- This woman knocked fashion over its head as Vogue's editor-in-cheif in the '60 and did so with style. Learn about one of fashion's greatest icons in this much-anticipated documentary.

7:00 (Angelika 6) Sironia -- Filmed in Waco, this movie is a life lesson about finding yourself wherever you are. And it's got a pretty fun soundtrack, to boot. or 7:15 (Angelika 6) Gayby -- Two long-time friends are at The Point, you know the one. In there 30s with no potential love in sight the pair decide to have a baby together and do it the "old fashioned way." Only problem is, he's gay.

(Eat something other than popcorn break)

Three-way Tie: Pick whichever flick you won't have a chance to see again 10:00 (Angelika 6) The Invisible War -- Nearly 30% of servicewomen are victims of sexual assault during their time in the United States military. This documentary examines the cycle of violence and systems that keep it under wraps. or 10:15 (Angelika 8) Extraterrestrial -- This might be the greatest romantic comedy about aliens, human enslavement and one-night stands to ever hover over Dallas. or 10:45 (Magnolia 5) Still Life -- What's the opposite of a feel-good? Whatever the name, that's where Still Life is filed. This movie explores those portions of a dysfunctional family that even they are unaware exists, then leaves them soaking in a desire for resolution. Will they face their issues, dissect them, and act to be absolved or close the wound and hope it doesn't get further infected?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.