DIFF Guide for Wednesday, April 18: Our Must-See Picks

Let the rest of the world bitch about Hump Day, you're taking a bit of You Time and cozying up with the best independent cinema this side of the Mason/Dixon. Whether you've joined the Occupy DIFF movement or just plan to grab a casual post-work seat, we think you'll like the movies we've picked out. Click the titles for more background.

1:00 (Angelika 8) Five Broken Cameras: This documentary follows Emad Burnat, a peaceful Palestinian farmer as he records his villages non-violent protest against occupation by Israeli soldiers.

3:30 (Magnolia 5) My Way: This Korean blockbuster has got it all -- long-sung rivalries, bonding during times of war and most importantly, Kang Je-kyu in the director's chair. or 4:00 (Magnolia 4) The Salt Of Life: This lively Italian feature focus' on a retiree named Gianni, who spends his days catering to the women who surround him. Eventually he's tempted to see what else women might be good for, despite his age. Oh, Italy!

7:15 (Magnolia 5) Heleno: Think Raging Bull, for soccer. Oh, and the guy portraying the Rio de Janeiro icon Heleno de Freitas is, like, crazy good looking. You'll have no problem spending 116 minutes with him. or 7:00 (Angelika 6) Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel -- Just in case you missed it yesterday.

Three-way tie: Choose based on your mood. 9:45 (Angelika 8)

Girl Model

: It isn't all Tyra and champagne cocktails for the up-and-coming models of Siberia. This documentary gives us two young girls' stories as they attempt to provide for their families through modelling. or 9:45 (Magnolia 4)

Dirty Energy

with Q&A: Can you believe it's been two years since the BP oil spill? Almost to the day. This doc follows the shift in quality of life, from income and health to deformations in sea life along the Gulf. The director will be on hand for a Q & A after the screening. or 10:15 (Magnolia 5)


: When a teenage employee of a local fast food restaurant is accused of stealing, all hell breaks loose. A chain of events is then set in motion which cannot be stopped.

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