Dirty Lovin'

I love it when hot female scenesters (scenesterettes? scenestresses?) are hip to retro trends that make them look even hotter. Burlesque dancing, pin-up girl styling and corsets have all made comebacks among the fashionable rocker chick set in recent years. I think some of these trendy young lasses try to make some pseudo-feminist argument about self-empowerment through reclaiming their sexuality or some such gobbledygook, but the sharp ones (along with some of the so-dumb-they-seem-enlightened ones) are honest with themselves: They know they look wanton and hot, and that's what guys like. Thank God there hasn't been a craze for turn-of-the-century swimwear or 19th-century pioneer dresses yet.

That brings me to the Lollipop Shoppe—a swinging '60s-inspired collective led by DJs Tigerbee and PandaFlower—and in particular, its Lolli Dollies, go-go dancers rocking short vintage dresses and go-go boots. They'll all be shakin' a tailfeather at the Shoppe's Lonely Hearts Love-In 4-Year Anniversary Bash at 9 p.m. Saturday at Sloppyworld, 3601 Parry Ave. Albuquerque garage-rock band The Dirty Novels will perform, and TigerBee and PandaFlower will spin throwback rock accented by psychedelic visuals and videos. Admission is $5. See myspace.com/lollipopshoppe for more information.
Sat., Feb. 16, 9 p.m., 2008

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Jesse Hughey
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