On the surface, Suzi Matthews' most recent exhibition of collage work, small clone, seems innocuous enough. She cuts up numbers from her dad's company's catalogs and glues them back together in pretty patterns. If you need artsy-fartsy validation for why this is cool, then consider this: Her dad made guitar pedals, including one called "small clone." I don't know why the hell you name a guitar pedal anything, let alone "small clone," except I guess you had a bigger guitar pedal that was a bitch to lift up onstage so you needed a little one. Maybe you're kind of forgetful or lack any sense of sight or touch, so you make sure the smaller one is always called "small" in case you forget the difference between the two. So, what's the dark side of the deal? One collage in Matthews' exhibit is called "big muff." I'm just saying: If you make an art collection based on your dad's life's work, it starts getting creepy when you name something "big muff." You can see Suzi Matthews' "big muff" for free at Plush, 1222 Commerce Street from noon to 5 p.m. Sundays through May 20. Call 214-498-5423.
April 22-May 20
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