Drag King

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"You just let go. It's either a Star Wars or Buddhistic thing. You just let go, and the brain and mouth link up, and I'm not really controlling it, but I'm trusting it. I know you can let go, and pretty often you'll hit something funny. I can almost see the synapses of the brain spinning around. In Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger has this scene where he's beginning to decay, and the guy who runs this seedy motel is knocking on his door, saying, 'Hey, what happened, buddy? Cat die?' And Arnold has all these answers in his brain, and he chooses, 'Fuck you, asshole.' That happens in comedy, too. You have this mass of options, and you make this choice in the split of a second. You can get a really fantastic one out, and you don't know where it comes from. You haven't been actively working on it. You just...let go."

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Robert Wilonsky
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