Dump in Style: Introducing Huggies "Little Movers Camo Diapers"

The commercial's fun. Everyone likes a good #2 joke. One thing, though: Where are this kid's pants? Just because you bought diapers that look like pants doesn't mean they are pants. Pant your child, people. Children need pants.

According to USAToday, next Huggies is introducing "Little Movers Camo Diapers" at Walmarts nationwide. What the deuce? 

Camouflage diapers? Don't know about you, but every time I change a diaper I want to know exactly where all the dumps are. The last thing I want is for that shit to be camouflaged. 

And these diapers apparently cost up to 20 percent more than un-designer-y diapers. With that much money standing to be made, how long until Rachel Zoe starts styling babies in vintage couture Pampers?

Advertising psychologist Renee Fraser tells USA Today, "It's all about getting compliments from other moms. Babies don't compliment each other on their diapers. Moms do."

So, I'm supposed to believe that moms sit around complimenting other moms on diapers? Bullshit. None of the moms I know are that lame. The only time I've ever heard one mom compliment another mom on a kid's diaper, it was to congratulate the kid for a giant blowout. "Whoa! Henry's rocking an epic dump. Winner!"

Fraser goes on to say that most parents love having their kid praised and that if your kid isn't walking or talking yet, "she can still get praised for her diaper." Dream big, y'all. Dream big.

Next spring, I'm coming out with red whale tail diapers. And while I work on that, you should design your own maxi pad. "Finally! Grown-up diapers are getting fashionable!" (Yes, really.)
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