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Eight Best Spas in Dallas, Because You Really Need To Relax

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King Spa Korean spas aren't much like traditional day spas, but you'll find that they're equally relaxing. Created around the idea that sweating helps the body rid itself of whatever the hell "toxins" are, King Spa has an assortment of dry saunas, hot tubs, and traditional spa services that will totally chill you out. In addition to the traditional jimjilbang-style spa, you'll also find a massive indoor waterpark with powerful massaging jets that can knead your sore muscles if you're too broke to spring for an actual massage. Here, you can have a full twenty-four hours of spa experience for less than $30, which is perfect for people who can't justify spending half a month's rent on traditional spas.

Hiatus Spa It isn't often that you'd call a luxury spa a "bargain," but Hiatus Spa + Retreat is the closest thing to budget-friendly in the world of fancy day spas without skimping on the full, relaxing experience. For just $250, you can indulge in three of Hiatus' most popular services, including mani-pedi, facial, and massage, in a 3-and-a-half hour spa package. Hiatus also offers acupuncture, full-body treatments and a thing called "relaxing waxing," which is probably less zen-inducing than it sounds.

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Amy McCarthy