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Ellen Degeneres Is Sending Her Show to UNT Today, but not Herself

It wasn't that long ago that the world's focus was on our little corner of the globe thanks to a retail cutie named "Alex From Target." Don't know who that is? Good for you. The important thing is this: He's from Frisco and became inexplicably famous enough to appear on Ellen Degeneres' TV show -- and in every other media outlet in the country.

Don't know why? Again, good for you. Don't ask.

Apparently though, Degeneres isn't through messing around with our population because her show is making a stop at the University of North Texas campus in Denton later today.

The show's official Facebook page announced that it is sending a crew to UNT to shoot something for one of their upcoming shows. Buddy Price, a spokesperson for UNT, confirmed the show's on-campus appearance on Wednesday and said the piece they are shooting will air during Thursday's episode.

"They're coming to a shoot a segment for their Thursday show," Price said. "They'll be there around noon [today] and until late in the afternoon. I'm not sure when they'll shoot their segment."

Price said Degeneres herself won't be on campus. Instead, her camera crew will link up to her in her Los Angeles studio presumably to play a game or challenge some UNT students for a chance to win a fabulous batch of cash and/or prizes.

Some of the show's previous episodes featured camera crews challenging students to compete for grand prizes such as cash and high priced gift cards. Last May, the show made an appearance on the campus of Oregon State University. A couple of selected students participated in the show and were challenged with finding envelopes that contained up to $10,000 in cash.

"She's extremely popular and I know she has a very large Twitter following," Price said. "It's very nice, national exposure for the university and students who will participate in whatever they are planning. We're certainly glad to have them."

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