Emma Watson Learns Some Dance Steps At Round-Up Saloon

Earlier this afternoon, TMZ reported that Harry Potter star Emma Watson had been line dancing at an unidentified Dallas honky-tonk last week, and before you could say Hogwarts the Morning News had already posted the story on their website.

Where was the actress kickin' up her boots, er, kitten heels? Morning News didn't seem to want to ask that question, but NBC 5's Twitter followers and apparent Emma Watson stalkers knew she was at Round-Up Saloon, the best place to line dance and see Lady Gaga in the metroplex. Watson's seemingly omniscient creepster Blogspot fans recognized she was with Johnny Simmons, a Dallas native and her co-star on the unreleased film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

We called Round-Up Saloon and spoke to the night manager, Mark Matheson, who said the actress was at the club for about 45 minutes last Thursday evening. "There was a group of about 4 of them," Matheson said. He also said Watson didn't drink, learned some line dancing and only danced a few steps before taking off. "It was random," he noted.

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