Epps in Smoke

Duuuuude. With his roles in American classic films like Next Friday, Friday After Next, How High and All About the Benjamins, comedian Mike Epps has worked to heighten public awareness on an issue still taboo in some households: drugs. On his entertainment agent's Web site, Epps is touted for his work in films where the "common thread...was the hilarious prominence of marijuana-smoking comic characters." Bringing cheeba-toking characters to life and making them, like, real, tangible human beings is the first step in breaking down the boundaries between lame people who don't think that smoking pot and making jokes about the munchies is hilarious and the totally sweet people who do, man. For too long, these factions have been at odds, but, like, Epps is awesome and funny and...hey, I'm kind of hungry. I'd go out and get some snacks but I'm saving my money to see Epps at the Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St., this Friday. Tickets are $37.75 to $65.75. Call 214-880-0137 or visit liveatthemajestic.com.
Fri., June 2
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Andrea Grimes
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