Eric Zener's "Pool Diver" at The Stay ZaZa Art House & Social Gallery

Each week, Fine Lookin' Piece offers an image of a work of art visually compelling enough on its own to inspire our readers to hit up the gallery for a closer look -- even with no prior knowledge of the artist or exhibition.

Summer is still a month away, but it's already arrived at The Stay ZaZa Art House & Social Gallery. Cool off at the gallery and get a glimpse of Wet, an installation of mixed media works that any hydrophile will appreciate. Eric Zener's effervescent "Pool Diver" will leave you feeling nostalgic for the days of long swims and sunscreen, but don't try to bring your kiddie pool and floaties to the gallery. That's big no-no.

Seek cool refuge at The Stay ZaZa House & Social Gallery, 2332 Leonard St. Visit turnercarrollgallery.com.

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