Evel Still Prevails

Lately, we've gotten a hankering for insane daredevil stunts on two wheels. Much like hunger for a midnight snack, it simply must be satiated. But we've run into two problems. First, our Vespa's in the shop, and second, Evel Knievel, who is coming to town to sign autographs at this weekend's DFW Bikefest & Expo, is in no condition at 65 to pull off the bus-jumping stunts that made him famous years ago. Still, he thinks he can ride his reputation's laurels and charge us money for only autographs? Not on our clock, bub. That's why we're suggesting a few local daredevil tricks fit for the less-agile Evel. First, walk around Lower Greenville after last call and try not to get mugged. Then use that racing dexterity to find a parking spot in Mockingbird Station on a Sunday without going insane. Cap it all off with a daring motorcycle hop over the Trinity River. It's perfect for ya, Evel. Check him out Friday through Sunday at Fort Worth's Will Rogers Coliseum, 3401 W. Lancaster. Call 214-373-8000 for tickets. --Sam Machkovech

Kids With Hoop Dreams
The play may look sloppy, the air balls many, the grab for rebounds a cacophony of hands, elbows and knees set against the screeching sounds of sneakers moving in fits and starts beneath the hoop. Yet you can't take away the sheer joy of the game that wells up in the hearts of kids as they compete this year, the same as they have for the past 11 years in the annual Holiday Basketball Tournament at Fretz Recreation Center, 6950 Belt Line Road. The tourney will be held January 2 through January 4 and is open to teams made up of girls and boys from grades five through eight. For a shot at a trophy and a good time, call 214-670-6202. --Mark Donald

Cotton Pickin'

There was a time when the Cotton Bowl game was a classic. Now, it's just another pit stop on the way to the BCS games that actually count. Not that this year's match is any slouch: You get Ole Miss, quarterbacked by NCAA player o' the year Eli Manning, vs. the Cowboys from Okie State, who ain't been this side of the Red River for a New Year's game since the end of World War II. And it sold out fast enough to prove there's interest in the game over at Fair Park--all tix gone in two days, not even. And after '93's awesome game, in which Notre Dame demolished third-ranked A&M, there's every reason to believe the once-a-decade classic theory in full effect. I just miss the Southwest Conference and a game that really matters. The Cotton Bowl is located at 1000 Second Ave. in Fair Park. --Robert Wilonsky

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