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july 25
Comedy of Errors: Now that you've lost 50 pounds sitting in 95-degree weather at dusk to catch the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas' productions of As You Like It and Hamlet, the rigorous Sweating With the Bard Diet isn't over yet. Stockpile the towels and ice water for a return trip to Samuell-Grand, because now The Junior Players tread the boards to present a spirited production of Comedy of Errors. This is the fifth year in the Players' "Discover Shakespeare" series, which was designed to introduce the complexities of Shakespearean language to both the high-school-age students who're speaking it and those in the audience who're listening to it. Although the production is for everyone, the youthful cast suggests the show might especially appeal to adolescents. Comedy of Errors is performed July 25-30 at 8:15 pm each night in Samuell-Grand Park in East Dallas. All shows are free of charge, although donations to the Junior Players are gratefully accepted. For information call 526-4076.

july 26
Willard Watson: Just six weeks ago, a legendary figure in Texas art went to that great found-object field in the sky at the age of 74. Willard Watson, like so many artists condescendingly labeled "primitive" or "folk" by art scholars, saw his environment, his muse, and his work as one gigantic interwoven quilt. He spent most of his life trying to weave all of them closer together, with autobiographical drawings, tree-trunk sculptures, and perhaps his most famous piece--his red 1967 Ford truck that was transformed into a weird, wild magnet of objects and pictures dedicated to the many people in his life who loved him. The Dallas Museum of Art offers a memorial exhibition of one of "The Texas Kid"'s pictorial cycles of his life. Willard Watson, 1921-1995, In Memoriam: Life Cycle Drawings, 1985 is a series of related pictures in pencil and marker entitled Suite of 12 Life Cycle Drawings. The show is on display through October 31 in the Works on Paper Gallery of the Dallas Museum of Art, 1717 N. Harwood. It's free. For more information call 922-1200.

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