Everyone's Welcome

The women you'll see outside NorthPark Center on Saturday aren't the usual "ladies who lunch," and their gathering has nothing to do with any sale at the mall. No, these ladies--and the men and children who come along to lend their support--are gathered to help fight breast cancer. The 21st Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure has evolved from a benefit fun run to a full-on spirit-raising pep rally for patients and survivors. Each year the Race for the Cure has grown larger, and the event now rivals the Turkey Trot and the White Rock Marathon in attendance. The race also helps raise awareness of the disease, encouraging women of all ages to make their health a priority. More than 100 Komen affiliates across the country have raised nearly $600 million for breast cancer treatment, screenings, research and education. The 5K race is the only timed event, and it's open to all women, with special recognition going to breast cancer survivors. Men and children don't get to race, but they still get to walk or run the 5K course or a one-mile path and can help raise money by collecting pledges individually or by joining a team. Either way, the money raised by runners and walkers goes to programs that help pound home the Komen foundation's main platform: Early detection saves lives. Mayor Laura Miller, herself a breast cancer survivor, is the local honorary chair for the race, which takes place Saturday at 8 a.m. at NorthPark Center, 8687 N. Central Expressway at Northwest Highway. Entry is $25 in advance or $30 on race day. Call 214-750-7223 or visit www.komen-dallas.org. --Jay Webb

Super Troopers

If you're anything like us, the notion of spying a line of colorful motorcyclists speeding and jockeying for position (not to mention a degree of fame and fortune) whilst sitting prone in traffic on the I-30/I-35 interchange is nothing short of a personal Xanadu. Of course, we also fancy tonguing sandpaper and forking light sockets, but don't let that color your opinion of the Red Bull Supermoto Championship Series race that's coming to Dallas on Saturday afternoon. It's not their fault that they can actually move. Part of the American Motorcyclists Association, this is only the second time this season that Supermoto's running in an urban setting. Qualifying starts at 10 a.m. in downtown next to Reunion Arena, 777 Sports St. Call 1-800-326-4000. --Matt Hursh

It's a Knockout
If you're looking for a sport-themed charity event with a name that obviously fell out of the irony tree and hit every branch on the way down, then you'll want to attend the Boxing for Life celebrity boxing match. The match, benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas, will pit local celebrities against local amateur boxers in vicious, carnal death matches. Just kidding. It starts at 7 p.m. October 21 at Club DMX, 10733 Spangler Road, and is open to the public. A $25 donation will be accepted at the door. If you wish to don the gloves and participate in this event yourself, then e-mail [email protected] with your entry. Complimentary training will be provided by the Lion's Den Studio. Otherwise call 972-501-9935. --Mary Monigold

Tumble for You
Gymnasts hit the beams and bars

It's hard not to like gymnastics. Tight little outfits encasing glistening muscles, tumbling and tucking and all that flexibility. I mean, come on. If they showed that stuff late at night, it would have to be on Cinemax. But credit where credit is due: Even if you're not into watching for all those hard bodies, you ought to check it out for the athleticism alone. If you haven't seen someone do the iron cross on the rings, you just haven't lived. Or something. So here's your chance. Check out the world's best when they come to the American Airlines Center on October 16 for the T.J. Maxx 2003 Gymnastics Tour of Champions. Top U.S. competitors like Chellsie Memmel, Carly Patterson, Hollie Vise, Jason Gatson, Brett McClure and Raj Bhavsar will be on hand. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.; ticket prices range from $15 to $50. Call Ticketmaster at 214-373-8000. --John Gonzalez

Spin Doctors
Real foosballers don't twirl
Smoky bars packed with mingling herds of inebriated college students are often the only options available to lonely Dallas foosball aficionados. But for a while, lovers of impaled plastic men have another place to roll over and pull: the Second Annual Texas-Oklahoma Foosball Shootout. It's still in a smoky bar--Pugley's Library, 2443 Walnut Hill Lane--but there is the opportunity for some serious competitive foosballing. Winners in almost every event get cash, trophies and custom embroidered jackets. The tournament is October 17 through October 19 and all skill levels are welcome, but keep in mind that true beginners may find themselves red in the face when going up against some of these dominating foes. The price ranges from $5 to $70 depending on skill level, and fees are per person, per event. Competitors must be 21 or older, because it's in a bar, and there are rules governing such things. Call 214-335-9373 or visit www.dfwfoosball.com. --Mary Monigold

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