Explore Dallas, LEGO Piece by Piece

The Dallas CityScape LEGO exhibit has returned, this time at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, where they are raising cash for East Dallas Community Schools, a nonprofit school, and just debuted a new addition to the CityScape collection, a scale model of the yet-to-be-completed Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Buildings in the model city include the American Airlines Center and Victory Park, Reunion Tower, the Old Red Museum and more, all enhanced with ambient sound, various electronic components and enviably light traffic.

Even the more monolithic models have painstaking details. The Perot Museum model, in all its blockiness, has a detailed interior just barely visible behind it's clear plastic facade. The creator's blog and flickr set gives an idea of how complicated the planning and execution of the project really is.

The Museum of Nature and Science's youth volunteer group, the Discovery Corps, also had a hand in the city's décor, populating the streets with such fantastic creations as robots, aliens and, yes, Dirk Nowitzki.

Visiting kids and shameless adults can try their hand at building their own LEGO brick sculptures at the well-stocked workstations. If, of course, they aren't cowed by the massive works that surround them.

Dallas CityScape is free and runs through August 28 at The Museum of Nature and Science in Fair Park. Be sure to check out Robert's post about the 2010 Dallas CityScape and admire recent birthday boy Harry Wilonsky's photography skills.

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