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f. is for frank Launches Its Succulent New Line Tonight with a Studio Party

Gardeners can be classified into several groups. There's veggie people, tree folk, general landscaping enthusiasts, and the most passionate off them all: cactus addicts. It's a nerdy affliction, being seduced by succulents, but there's something intrinsically satisfying about their subtle variations and perky personalities.

None of that is lost on Shoshannah Frank and Casey Melton, the creative force behind local jewelry line f. is for frank.

They've got a new collection opening tonight at their Manufacturing Street studio. It's both inspired by -- and cast from -- your favorite fleshy plants: the succulents.

Choosing to cast molds from the limbs of sedums, aloe and circular kokino buds was not their original intention. It was more of a happy experimental accident.

Succulents are delicate in form, so only broadstroke qualities from the plants translate in the finished work. If you look closely, you can tell their natural origins, but it isn't obvious. The finished effect is a mix of modern and natural elements that work together to make exceptionally polished takes on rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Equally appropriate for this arid encounter, Frank designed these charming ram skulls.

During tonight's party, which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. at the shop, you'll get an added studio-visit discount of 20% off. They've also hauled out tons of great clearance merchandise to sell at two set price points, with all final-run pewter merch set at $35 and gold at $55. (Yes, those gold teeth are included in that deal. Swoon.)

Can't make the event? Shop the website today and get the same 20% discount, plus free shipping, with the code 'Sept12'.

Now, let's scope out more beautiful treasures through Catherine Downes' photo series.

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