Fair Lilith

Ah, the Ice Queen with the hidden, passionate, horny heart of fire; the bookish woman who whips off her glasses, shakes the bun out of her hair and growls. Keep your Madonnas and your whores, your bleached bims and skeletal supermodels; for sheer hotness, nothing beats Marian the Librarian with a thong beneath that calf-length skirt. And no one does repressed sex kitten better than Bebe Neuwirth as the character Lilith on Cheers. Is Neuwirth bothered, one wonders, that her long successful career in musical theater--she's won two Tony Awards for her work on Broadway--is overshadowed in the shallow minds of the masses by her years on a long-dead sitcom? Speaking on behalf of shallow-minded males with a fetish for bookworms, let me say this: We don't care. She can sing and dance too? That's just lagniappe to us. Lilith fans and theater fans can join together in praising this talented performer Saturday at the Dallas Theater Center's Centerstage Gala at the Kalita Humphreys Theater, 3636 Turtle Creek Blvd. Neuwirth headlines the entertainment at the Gala, which benefits the theater's programs. Individual tickets are $1,000. For more information, call 214-252-3915.
Sat., June 2
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