"Fanatic Aunt" Studies Facial Expressions While You Talk About God

People can be, shall we say, incredibly emphatic when they talk about religion. But, sometimes, they're a little too emphatic. Enough that you can't help but wonder what they really feel.

Today's FLP, "Fanatic Aunt" by r. mateo diago, one of four pieces in a series titled "iChat God Talk," examines just that question. Without their knowledge, the subjects, members of the artists' family, were photographed continuously as they were discussing their religious views.

The images that diago captured are full of passion, wonder, and humor, as well as confusion and uncertainty. Each piece is accompanied by a short handwritten swatch from the conversation, highlighting each person's religious views.

The result is a visual eavesdropping of sorts, particularly fascinating because there are no aural cues. The movement, the posture, and the person's use of their hands all become more essential with the absence of sound.

It is far easier to lie with words. The body and the face often give us away. 

r. mateo diago: every then and now is on view at Ro2 Art Downtown through January 28, 2012.

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