Fantastic and Plastic: Barbie and Ken's Wedding Album

Many a girl dressed her Barbie doll in a sequined wedding gown and marched those overly-arched feet down the aisle to Ken doll while humming "Here Comes the Bride," but Mattel broke the hearts of little girls everywhere when it announced in 2004 that Ken and Barbie, who only got married during little girl's playdates and never in doll reality (whatever that constitutes), were splitting up.

But now it seems the couple, who have been together for almost 50 years, are reuniting on the big screen in a, ahem, live action movie that may or may not be starring 90210's Trevor Donovan. If you can't wait that long to see Ken and Barbie together again, check out selections from this stylish wedding album by French photographer Beatrice de Guigne. We found some of the gorgeous photos on glamour.com, but they come way of de Guigne's website, www. beatrice-dg.com, which we had Google translate to English, but don't hold your breath for accuracy. After the jump, see more from Barbie and Ken's big day.

Looks like Ken took the time to polish his plastic loafers for the ceremony. We know Barbie was pleased because what shiny piece of plastic doesn't love another shiny piece of plastic? (This also pertains to Most Eligible Dallas.)

Oh, if only our own wedding dress could have been this virginally white. Wait, is Barbie still a virgin after 50 years? Of course she is because Ken's certainly not anatomically correct.

While Barbie got all dolled up, Ken cut loose with his groomsmen, who just happen to be relatives of the Justin Bieber doll.

Even though the forecast called for a few stray showers, the blonde beauties were able to get married before a drop of rain hit their golden locks. The ceremony was beautiful, and no one objected to the wedding, not even Midge.

After the ceremony, it was time for the reception and the first dance. Ken practiced for weeks because his joints were a little stiff from all the cardio and strength training he did to get in shape. Apparently, six abs were not enough. Ken wanted eight.

As day passed into night, the party got hotter. A wedding's not complete without a group dance to the Village People's "YMCA." Alas, Barbie and Ken partied into the wee hours of the morning before taking the last bottle of Champagne to their private suite. The next morning, they boarded a plane for their honeymoon in Ibiza, where Ken apparently took too much acid. Barbie's still looking for him.

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