Fashion Alert: Dolly Python Just Clearanced Its Winter Wear To Half-Price

The only thing better than a shopping success story is an autobiographical shopping success story. Welcome to mine. I popped into Dolly Python on my lunch break and heard them make the decision. Rather than bagging up all of those georgous coats and sweaters they are all marked down by 50%, effective immediately. Signs are not yet up, the racks are not yet pillaged -- it's all there for you to ravage.

That adorable cropped mink coat (above) had a ticket price of $90, so if you scoot fast you can get it for $45. It was just one of more than 50 fur coats that are now up for grabs. Hustle kids.

This adorable '50s beaded sweater will carry you through spring; match it up with a circle skirt, some skinny jeans or a nice pair of hot pants. The ticket says $45, so it's yours for $22.50

1980s leather cowgirl jacket with fringe? Yes please! This mid-drift knocking number was already reasonable at $48, but at its new price of $24 you can justify expanding your coat family.

Boys aren't left in the cold either. Pick up this shirt for your man! Who wouldn't love a red wool shirt with an appliqued bull on it? He'll feel like both the aggressor and target, all for the new low price of $17.50.

On your marks, get!

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Jamie Laughlin
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