Fast Food

The thing that makes the Uptown Run & Trolley Walk one of the best fun runs in the area is the large number of sponsors. The more sponsors a race has, the better the free food spread is afterward. With most races you get a banana, maybe half a bagel and wash it down with the latest foul-tasting sports replenisher. But with Borden, Starbucks and Michelob among this year's sponsors, expect the usual bananas and oranges along with yogurt, energy bars, samples of the latest coffee concoction and beer. Runners need to replace all those important carbohydrates they just worked off, so expect the line at the Michelob booth to be longer than the banana line.

As for the race itself, Uptown has five different runs: 5 miles, 5K, Elsie's Kids K, the Trolley Walk and the Special Olympics Run. Proceeds benefit Special Olympics. The Benjamin Allen band provides the post-race musical entertainment.

The Uptown Run & Trolley Walk takes place Saturday at Annette Strauss Artist Square, 1800 Leonard St. Registration begins at 7 a.m. Entry is $22 through March 21 or $25 on race day. Register at Webb

Doin the Twist
Whole Life powers up
With summer peeking around the corner, it's not a stretch to want to stretch. And Whole Life Health Center is a breath of fresh air for your Dallas body, mind and soul.

Tucked away in a serene setting on Greenville Avenue at Lovers Lane, the center offers instructors hoping to demystify yoga and attract people of all ages and fitness levels. Aside from Tibetan Kung Fu, acupuncture, Reiki, nutrition counseling and massage therapy, the studio mainly offers American Power Yoga classes. Think traditional yoga with a modern twist. Instructors move through morning, day and evening classes and offer drop-in rates or monthly rates for the more centered. Whether you stroll down Artist Hall, which features works from local artists, or take time to reflect on the patio, Whole Life gives a calm outlet in a chaotic world. Whole Life is located at 5323 Greenville Ave. on the second floor. Call 469-232-9642. --Desiree Henry

Flyin High
Breaking news for the more detached, curmudgeonly residents of our fine city: Inline skating isn't just for kids who still think the combination of rock and rap is a good idea, nor is it confined to bumbling adrenaline junkies with a need for speed and a death wish. The Pegasus Flyers is out to deflate these common misconceptions, but even more important, the group aims to have fun, socially interactive and responsible excursions on wheels. The Flyers cater to anyone and everyone with an inclination to glide rather than stride...provided that safety is considered at all times. Also, members regularly involve themselves with community service activities, and several big events are scheduled in the upcoming weeks and months. Visit or e-mail [email protected]. --Matt Hursh

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