Feeling Nostalgic for Movies From Your Childhood? Angelika Plano Has Your Back.

June is one of the biggest months for cinema. It’s right in the middle of what is known as blockbuster season. Or, if you want to be edgy, call it “popcorn cinema.” It’s the summer – the time when all the movies with giant budgets hit theaters: some with a brain, most without. A lot aren’t meant to make you think, just watch and enjoy, and that’s OK, but it’s a hard season to keep up with because every weekend there’s a new big, bad movie opening. Chances are it’s in 3D (a format that should stop, won't stop) and if you’ve popped out a kid or two, that’s a pricey trip to the multiplex. Tickets are what, $10-$15 a person these days? Yikes! Just one alone could feed a family of four at McDonald’s if you want your kids to grow up with diabetes and breathing problems (thanks, Dad!).

I digress.

The folks at the Angelika Film Center-Plano are giving you a new selection of films to chew on for the next few months and it’s going to make the 12-year-old inside you very happy. In a series called Flashback Family Film and for just $7 a ticket (!!!!), you can travel back in time with Marty McFly, relearn how to kick some ass with Mr. Miyagi, take Manhattan by storm with your favorite Muppets or fall back in love with that talking pig, Babe (voiced by the legendary Christine Cavanaugh, who passed away in December. Trivia: She also lent her lungs to Rugrats’ Chuckie Finster, among many other iconic characters.).

Sorry to be a downer for that brief moment, but Cavanaugh was a rare talent and amazing at what she did, and she passed so quick and so young. See Babe just for her.

Anyway, starting 11 a.m. Saturday, June 6, and following the first Saturday of every month, you can bring movie nostalgia back in your life and  introduce your kids to what movie magic was to you at their age by heading to the Angelika (Plano, not Dallas). First up on deck is The Karate Kid, followed by Back to the Future, Muppets Take Manhattan and Babe. (But be sure to check the listing before heading to the theater because Angelika could throw a curve ball and switch days for some films.)

Again, it’s only $7 a ticket so you can give your wallet a little break for a month while watching some oldies but goodies. Tickets are now available for Karate Kid on fandango.com.

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