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Fifteen Super Depressing Film Endings, in Honor of The Graduate

The Graduate turns 45 this year (and screens at the Angelika in 35mm starting next week), and as I started to reminisce about the film I noticed that I felt kinda blue. I started thinking about that beat-to-shit bus that young Dustin Hoffman and dreamy-eyed Katharine Ross hopped on in the film's closing scene, and about the ass-stink gas stations that it would probably stop at as it barreled forward, and how that basically represented the couple's future and all they'd lost. Then I pulled out a step ladder and slowly climbed to my shame shelf, where I keep a bunker's worth of out-of-season Girl Scout cookies and ate every last fucking Thin Mint in the stash.

Suck it, Hoffman. I can handle it -- I still got mother fucking Tagalongs up in this piece.

So, what are The Graduate's contemporaries? What other movies make us want to cling to our pets, weep in their fur and vow to finally check the internet for therapists that accept our health plans? I did a little number crunching and came up with 15 of those bitches from the last 15 years.

Warning: This article is one big spoiler alert.

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Jamie Laughlin
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