Film Fest, For Reel

This year, if nothing else, there have been a lot of film festivals. Obviously, there have been quality film festivals in the DFW area for years, but this year–well, we've been extremely lucky to have so many opportunities to view the offbeat, the undistributed and the directed-by-Fred-Durst. The Lone Star Film International Festival, pulled together by the dedicated group that makes up the Lone Star Film Society, will cap off what I am dubbing the Year of the Film Festival with five days of independent film from directors running the gamut from Sidney Lumet to the aforementioned Durst. Sunday's events include a screening of Badlands, introduced in person by the legendary Martin Sheen, a Bollywood film and Donal Logue's ode to celebrity tennis tournaments, Tennis, Anyone? The sheer variety of the festival lineup, which can be found in its entirety on, is enough to keep any film fan engaged throughout the day. Or the week. Or at least until the next local film festival. The Lone Star International Film Festival runs from November 7 through today at theaters across Fort Worth. Tickets are available for individual showings for $8, and packages are available online. Call 817-735-1117 for more information.
Nov. 7-11, 2007
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Jennifer Elaine-Davis