Finally, President Lyndon B. Johnson is a Vampire in a Novel

In the synopsis from the press release that just landed in our inbox for Kevin R. Given's new comedic novel, Last Rites: The Return of Sebastian Vaslis, it's importantly noted that ninjas (always hilarious) and immortals are recruited to ward off "Egyptian and Hebrew vampires."

Who else is helping in the great vampire war? Why, it's Undead Lyndon B. Johnson! An intriguing premise for sure. We're thinking he was made a zombie after he was bitten by Rage Virus-carrier Lee Harvey Oswald, after Oswald assasinated Werewolf JFK. Just a possible premise. Actually, here's this excerpt, from the plot synopsis:

The most unlikely member of his alliance is Sebastian Vasilis, a vampire that Karl hunted and killed four years ago. Now, as a ghost, he has returned with friendly overtures, warning Karl of the plot and professing his desire to help Karl regain his soul and eternal salvation. Together, Sebastian and Karl recruit a team of vampire hunters that include ninjas, immortals, time travelers and former President Lyndon B. Johnson who was turned into a vampire, albeit a friendly one, the day before his mortal death.

Makes sense. We can already see producers in Hollywood toiling over the rights. Maybe a possible crossover sequel with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.