Find Dallas' 110 Miles of Hike and Bike Trails on Your Lunchbreak

Last year Good Magazine rolled through town and dared Dallas visionaries to improve the city they inhabit. Improve they did, and one of those teams hellbent on doing such improving was GO Dallas, which focused its efforts on transforming urban trails to better Dallas' collective quality of life. (For example: Did you know Dallas already has 110 miles of hike and bike trails? These guys want to help you find them.)

GO Dallas decided that the biggest hindrance between getting from here (everyone in cars) to there (folks engaging with nature) is a general lack of knowledge. After asking their friends and neighbors, they realized that very few folks know how to locate the trails and even fewer understand how the off-roads connect to one another.

After chewing over those challenges, GO decided the paths need better branding. So they set out to create an app, improve signage and spread awareness of how to access these car-free connections. Now a year later they're heading towards a public roll-out and will discuss what's left to do tomorrow, August 20, from noon to 1 p.m. at 1909 Woodall Rodgers, Suite 415. (It's BYOL, so brown bag it.)

Pop by and learn about the accidentally secret world of Dallas alt-transport and how you can encourage its future visibility through redesign.

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