Find Your Special Purpose: Texas Theatre Will Screen The Jerk in 35mm

There's a moment of realization in the Apatow-produced television series

Freaks and Geeks

where young, gangly Sam Weir realizes he hates his popular cheerleader girlfriend.

They're sitting in a movie theater, she's heavily primped and wearing an angora sweater. He's nervously attempting to find common ground by sharing his favorite movie, The Jerk. When she calls it stupid, his eyes turn into fireballs. Then, he dumps her.

We, watching from our couch caves, spill our snacks, weed, smoking paraphernalia, and shells and cheese on the ground. Then stand, applauding Sam for his youthful wisdom.

An unparallelled comedy classic, The Jerk launched generations of dreamers. Folks willing to hope for bathtubs shaped like giant clams, pizza in a cup, private disco filled rooms with fancy dancing friends, can-shooting detectives, opti-grabs, and finding a "special purpose." It's still one of the greatest films ever made. And if anyone tells you otherwise, follow the path of young Sam Weir and dump their ass. Like, yesterday.

The Texas Theatre is showing The Jerk for one, glorious weekend with a 35mm tribute beginning Thursday, December 13. Showtimes aren't posted just yet, so keep an eye on the website.

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